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Planning Awards Innovative

Planning Awards Innovative
Use of Technology Award

American Planning Association (APA)

Best Multimedia Mapping Presentation Award

Best Multimedia Mapping Presentation Award


The Photo Enriched Parcel Library Tool

What is iView?

iView is a web-based application that integrates GIS data residing on the City of Los Angeles’ iMapLA* web site with street level photography to provide a real world view of a specific project area.

Combine GIS Data and Street Level Photos

GIS information for each parcel includes street address, assessor parcel number, and bounding intersections updated real-time, on-screen.

Additional content can be provided through dynamic media links which can refer to a variety of external content including:

  • Site plans & architectural elevations
  • 3D Simulations & photographs
  • Video & animations
  • Planning & environmental reports
  • Web links

Display options of future media links

Potential uses include:

  • Display phases of a project area, past and present
  • Hyperlink to environmental information
  • Highlight city redevelopment plans
  • Hyperlink to interior photos of a rental property
  • List office & apartment rental prices

iView includes the following features:

  • GIS ArcIMS Collaboration with iMap LA between ArcIMS & iView
  • Search by parcel number & address
  • GIS Data Integration
  • Photo navigation by scrubbing or using the scroll buttons
  • Zoom in & out up to 400%
  • View parcel across the street
  • Parcel Description
  • GIS Data Report


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